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We help Restoration Professionals

RocketPlan was built to provide the best employee experience, thus enabling restoration professionals to complete their work in less time; maximizing operational efficiencies directly benefitting the bottom line.
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Our mission is to help control the chaos within the restoration industry

Our Story

Our founders experienced the challenges caused by miscommunication and lack of digitization during their years of experience in the property restoration industry.

They envisioned a professional landscape where every stakeholder could operate at the speed of light using the super-computer they have in their pocket, a smartphone.

One platform for a successful restoration company, insurance adjuster, estimator, independent adjuster, project manager, insurance carrier, and property owners to have one place for all their relevant and actionable information.

Thus RocketPlan was born.

Our Core Values

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Our team is constantly improving, and finding new and better ways to accomplish things.
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Being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to principles and values
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At RocketPlan we believe we can accomplish more together than apart. The more ideas, the better.
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RocketPlan encourages a strong sense of curiosity. This goes hand-in-hand with innovation and finding the best way to do things.
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The pursuit of creating the best product for our customers, with the best experience is something that the RocketPlan team is unyielding in.

Our Goal

Restoration is synonymous with chaos; professionals in the industry are used to it. RocketPlan aims to decrease the amount of stress involved for stakeholders, streamline all the paperwork for restoration companies, and decrease the amount of time wasted by everyone.

RocketPlan will ultimately decrease costs, give back time, and drive higher profitability.
Our GoalOur Goal

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